Pulses Price Rising: Tur dal rates up more than 10% in 1 month; govt intervenes

Pulses Price Rising: The Consumer Affairs Secretary also said pulses stocks in warehouses located in major ports and in industry hubs should be verified from time to time and "strict action should be taken on stockholding entities found to be reporting false information on stock disclosure portal".

Government 13 Apr  ETNOW

 Pulses are an integral part of the Indian diet, among pulses yellow peas are popularly consumed across the country. After reports surfaced of yellow peas not reaching the market, State governments were directed to step up vigilance to ensure that yellow peas reach the market. The lack of availability is driving the prices of Tur dal up, industry stakeholders from the pulses processing industry have claimed that they are facing supply shortages of raw tur for converting into tur dal. The prices of tur dal have also increased by more than 10 per cent in less than a month, according to a report by the Economic Times. Consumer Affairs Secretary Nidhi Khare on April 10 directed state governments to step up vigilance of pulses stock, especially imported yellow peas, according to a report by Press Trust of India.